About REVIVE Health & Wellness

Treat your spirit, mind and body to a complete and extraordinary reviving, de-stressing experience at REVIVE Health and Wellness Studio. We are of the belief that all parts and systems are interconnected so our treatments focus on treating the whole person not just the symptoms of disease.

It is our intention to enhance the lifestyle and health of our clients by offering the highest quality massage therapy services at an affordable rate.We are dedicated to provide you with a professional, client-focused experience, customized for your specific needs. We work with every body and it is our goal to optimize your wellness and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Relax… Relieve… REVIVE…

We are dedicated to improve the well being of all clients. We are here to help you stop your pain, recharge your battery, recover from injuries, sleep deeply the whole night through, and enjoying an amazing life filled with radiant health.

Massage Therapists:

Marci Terpsma, RMT
Brittany Palileo, RMT
April Balyk, RMT
Mark Pickett, RMT
Kendra Linton, RMT
Taylor Kelly, RMT
Natasha Hancharuk, RMT
Desiree Petrick, RMT
Jamie Wilson-Walker, RMT
Yolanda Paradis, RMT
Debie Zarcharko, RMT

Morganne Eastman, RMT

Sarah Yadlowski, RMT

Amanda Bourget, RMT

Student Massage Therapist:

Yoga Instructors

Cindy Leckie-Cleaver

Reception Staff

Kate Sander

Bree Sziraki

Taryn Terpsma

Gina Royer