Direct Billing

Information on Direct Billing to Insurance Companies

What is Direct Billing?

Some insurance companies provide the convenience of direct billing for eligible massage therapy claims. This service might be available for employer groups, and / or individual health plan members. Direct billing means that we will not invoice you as the receiver of the massage therapy treatment, but your insurance company instead.

Be aware that the coverage of massage therapy treatment might differ from insurance to insurance, and that there are requirements to fulfill for the massage therapist. We at REVIVE Health & Wellness Studio fulfill these requirements.

Are there differences in coverage for Massage Therapy Claims?

Yes, there are. Since insurance policies vary we advise our patients to contact their insurance company to find out what exactly is covered. You should ask if you need a prescription, when your insurance year starts, how high your coverage is, and if direct billing service is offered.

What do we need from you?

We will only need your current insurance card, everything else will be done through us. We might ask to have a credit card on file for the case that a claim was denied by the insurance company.

Which insurance companies offer Direct Billing?

Direct billing is offered by quite a few insurance companies. However, it also depends on the authorizations your massage therapy clinic has.

Here is a list of insurance companies we do currently support. Should you miss your insurance company here, and know that they offer direct billing service, please let us know.